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We specialize in traffic control, in Houston, Texas. We rent barricades, channelizers, arrowboards, message boards, TMAs, water-filled barriers and typical road closure signs.


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We make street signs, municipal signs, custom signs and more here at our shop in Houston. We make signs for the roadway, construction sites or your personal property.


Rent Barricades Houston Construction Zone Drums Cone Traffic Control


We sell and rent barricades for sidewalks, roadways and construction sites. We also offer dead-end barricades, plastic barricades and wood barricades.

Rent Traffic Control Drums Traffic Cones Barricades Reflective Barrels


We sell and rent orange drums, grabber cones and vertical panels with rubber bases and reflective tape or sheeting. Our products are tested and meet MUTCD standards.

Rent Arrowboards Houston Arrow Boards Flashing Arrow Panel Rental Traffic Control


We sell and rent solar assisted trailer mounted arrowboards. We also offer roof mounted arrowboards for purchase. They feature LEDs and onboard controls.

Portable Electronic Message Boards Houston Electronic Message Sign Rental

Message Boards

We sell and rent portable electronic message boards, for advanced warning and direction. They feature onboard controls and are easy to set up and move. Solar Assisted.

Barricades & More!

Traffic Control Devices
Truck-Mounted Attenuators
Advanced Warning Signs
Regulatory & Safety Signs
Work Zone Signs
Custom Signage & Banners
PPE & Reflective Safety Gear
Rubber Speed Bumps

Plastic Bollard Covers

Electronic Message Boards

Solar Assisted Arrowboards 

Water-Filled Barriers

Traffic Control Plans

Pavement Markers & Buttons

Reflective Roll-Up Signs

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Construction Zone Signs

Road Work Ahead Sign Houston Construction Signs Rent Traffic Control
Flagger Signs Flaggers Ahead Stop Sign Reflective Traffic Control Signs Houston
Left Lane Closed Ahead Sign Houston Road Closed Signs For Rent

Workers Ahead Sign Houston Reflective Orange Construction Signs For Rent
Right Lane Closed Signs Houston Barricades Rent Traffic Control Street Signs
Shoulder Work Sign Houston Road Closed Street Signs For Rent Barricades Street Cones

Workers Ahead Houston Street Signs Stop Signs Roll Up Signs
Detour Ahead Signs For Rent Houston Barricades Cones TMA Stop Signs
Utility Work Ahead Signs Houston Road Closed Road Work Ahead Lane Closed Sign For Rent

Scopes & Services

Rent Traffic Control Houston Barricades Reflective Street Cones Signs TMA Water Filled Barriers

We have over 30 years experience in the construction and traffic control industries. We are homegrown and here to serve your traffic control needs. Whether you need to rent equipment, close a lane, purchase traffic control devices or need help with a traffic control plan, we're always here to help.

Call us today to get a headstart on your project!

Custom Sign Shop Houston Reflective Signs Stop Signs School Zone Speed Limit Signs For Rent

We make all kinds of signs, right here at our sign shop in Houston. We make warning signs, construction signs, stop signs, street signs, regulatory signs, safety signs, project signs, speed limit signs, school zone signs, and custom signs. We also make stickers, banners, posters and magnetic signs. Our permanent roadway signs are all made to meet or exceed Federal and State MUTCD standards. We can custom make your sign today.

Call or email for pricing.

Rubber Speed Bumps Houston Parking Signs Plastic Bollard Covers

We offer rubber speed bumps, rubber road humps, rubber door guards and plastic bollard covers, to help protect your neighborhood, parking lot or property.

We also offer all kinds of parking lot signs.

Call today for inventory and pricing.

About Us

Since 2004, Eagle has been a reliable source for traffic control equipment in Houston. Over the years, we have continued to prioritize safety and standards, above all else.

We rent barricades, barrels, arrowboards, electronic message boards, truck-mounted attenuators, water-filled barriers and more. Our sign department not only makes construction signs and street signs, but we now offer full-color printing that allows us to make custom signs of all kinds.

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